Fisher Group, Inc. was officially formed on January 1, 2008, as the holding company for four unique companies with a rich heritage, a long history and roots that grow deep into the soil of Salt Lake City, Utah. These four companies; Regional Supply, American Label, Plastic Fabricating and Fisher Fulfillment have established a tradition of quality and excellence throughout the Western United States and across the country.

Our story begins in 1946 with Regional Supply, which actually started as a small electric motor repair shop in Salt Lake City. Founded by Art Mendenhall, it was known as Regional Electric Works. By 1951, Art and his team had expanded their amazing skill of repairing electric motors and rebuilding neon transformers into an entire sign supply business.

Regional Sign Supply, Inc.
was originally located in a rented warehouse on 352 Paxton Avenue. The business continued to expand and became more respected and recognized in the sign industry, supplyingmost of

the area’s leading sign manufacturers. Regional Sign Supply continued to diversify and expand as the market continued to change. In the 1960’s Regional further developed their product line to include screen-printing equipment and supplies.

In 1959, a new subsidiary corporation called Plastic Fabricating and Supply was formed. It became very evident that there was a growing need for all types of plastics for signs as well as many other applications. Plastic was thought to be the “wave of the future”.

Plastic Fabricating helped support some of Regional Supply’s customer needs with custom formed plastic sign faces, custom letters, cut sheets and hand fabricated plastic. Originally there were only four employees forming plastic in two gas ovens built by Art Mendenhall.

While the two companies continued to grow, a new opportunity called American Label Company began. American Label was founded in 1967, with Glade Inglet overseeing the entire
operation including sales, artwork, plate making, printing and accounting. American Label was one of the first label companies in Utah, and has been a leader in the development and refinement of the label printing industry, including the photopolymer pressure sensitive printing plate that was pioneered as an environmentally safe option using water based inks.

In 1968 all three businesses were moved to their present location at 4517 West 1730 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. Since that time there have been several building additions as the businesses have grown. The scope and ability of all three companies has continually expanded over the years.
Significant growth came with Gerber Scientific Products, which was added to the product line in 1982, helping Regional Supply open the door to the new era of computerized sign making. The late 1990’s saw digital imaging and printing as another new emerging trend for the sign and graphics industry.
Regional has embraced this new technology and has become a leader in the sales of digital printers, inks and media.

Plastic Fabricating has grown to occupy over 30,000 square feet and approximately 33 employees. They service customers throughout the Western United States with quality automated machines including a five axis trimming router and three CNC routers, the largest being a 5’ x 12’ model. Plastic Fabricating is now one of the largest businesses of its kind in the Western United States.

American Label has also enjoyed steady growth and in 1995 expanded for the fourth time. Today, American Label is one of the leading label manufacturers in Utah specializing in label and package printing.

After many great years of success, Art Mendenhall retired in May of 1978. He was succeeded by his son, Dwain C. Mendenhall. Art Mendenhall died in May of 1980, leaving behind an amazing legacy and three very successful companies. He may be gone, but his practices are not forgotten, “We are in business to solve people’s problems,” resonates with the employees and through the business
philosophy that surrounds them.

In 2008, President Dwain C. Mendenhall sold his three companies to his son-in-law, David L. Fisher, former Vice President for many years. David’s Company, Fisher Group Inc., now acts as a holding company for all three companies. David is the President/CEO, and works closely with his Executive
Management Committee.

Fisher Group Inc. is continually growing, changing and driving forward with new ideas and opportunities. In 2009 Fisher Fulfillment was created. This company was formed after recognizing a need for having many of our products packaged and filled. Fisher Fulfillment focuses on getting products retail ready for direct consumer distribution.

Fisher Group Inc. seeks, develops and capitalizes on new profitable opportunities, and is looking forward to a bright future, with many years of growth ahead. We will continue to grow and nurture our relationships with employees, customers, vendors and the community to be their company of choice.

Thank you for embracing our
past and contributing to
the success of our future!